Complete RoadMap for JavaScript Beginners 2020


JavaScript one of the best language to learn in 2020.Learning this beautiful JavaScript you can build web-applications,games,android and ios apps,websites,server-applications & what not everything you can…

I think you should learn JavaScript in 2020 as it is emerging and if you can’t in 2020 I don’t know when you will

First Dive into introductory guide to language

→Introduction to javaScript
→The JavaScript Glossary
→A quick reference to modern JavaScript Syntax

Next,this is a more in-depth analysis of javascript building blocks

→ JavaScript Lexical Structure
→ JavaScript Expressions
→ JavaScript Types
→ JavaScript Variables
→ JavaScript Math Operators
→ JavaScript Functions
→ JavaScript Arrow Functions
→ JavaScript Loops
→ JavaScript Scope
→ JavaScript Template literals
→ JavaScript Semicolons
→ Strict mode
→ JavaScript Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions IIFE
→ This keyword

→ JavaScript dates
→ Math object


→ JavaScript Timers
→ JavaScript Promises
→ Async and await
→ Asynchronous programming and call backs

→ JavaScript Event loop
→ JavaScript Events

→ JavaScript Functional programming
→ JavaScript Closures
→ JavaScript REGEX
→ JavaScript Unicode


If you are ready to Go ahead,dive into more advance lands and check out react.js and server side with node.js

Not completed yet……😊😊😊

Some Good Resources for learning JavaScript

  2. Mozilla Web Docs
  3. W3schools
  1. FreeCodeCamp
  2. Clever Programmer
  1. Eloquent Javascript
  2. Javscript Bible




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